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    James Evans

    Greetings all, –
    I was about to purchase the CSSGB Primer from Quality Council of Indiana ($70), when I noticed other options;
    >Solution Text ($35)
    >Electronic Exam CD ($70)
    This is a money hog!
    Just a couple of questions for the panel;

    1. If my goal is to sit for the ASQ Green Belt in December, how many of these resources do I really need? I’ve already purchased the ASQ SSGB manual.

    2. Are there other online places that I can purchase the Indiana CSSGB manual or is it only sold on their site?

    Thanks in advance to all, Have a great weekend!!



    If you’ve taken a thorough SSGB course, feel comfortable with the material, have had good success with time-limited tests, and have other good references texts to use during the exam, you likely don’t need the SSGB manual, solution text, or exam CD.



    Can I use on exame taking the Primer?


    Martin K. Hutchison

    Get the test bank. Do 20-25 questions a day, study the questions that you are not 100% on using the handbook and/or the web. When you get 80% on all areas, you are ready.


    Jeff Shaw

    I’d stay away from the primers all together. They are not a reference book so no questions come from any of the information in the primer. Also, I’ve seen too much incorrect mathematics in the QCI primers.

    Get the ASQ handbook, read it cover to cover, and grap another book or two from the actual source list. (jurans – great index for the test) That coupled with some work experience and the ASQ site free practice exams will get you in the top 20 percentile in testing. Remember you can find exams with overlapping BOK, so the certified process analyst can be taken as practice for the CQE, for example.

    Lastly, use post it sticky flags on the handbook! you want to just be able to see a question on teams, then grab you teams flag note and open directly to that section of the handbook. This saves about an hour of flipping through the handbook in the exam and really makes the difference.


    Ben Salto

    Where is the test bank? Please advise.


    Ben Salto

    Where can I find the test bank. Please adivse.




    i want to purchase The Quality Council of Indiana CSSBB Primer manual, please help me if any one have or knows about it.

    Brajveer Singh


    Mike Carnell

    @dog2u It has been quite a while since I have actually used the QCI material but a friend of mine just purchased the BB manual. I used QCI to study for the CQE years ago and it was very helpful.

    The challenge to the test isn’t the BOK. The challenge is understanding what the question is asking. The manuals were very good at imitating the questions from the test. Once you understand what they want to know the answers are pretty simple.

    I don’t understand buying a GB book/material. If you get the BB material you are going to learn some stuff that isn’t on the test and you won’t have to buy another book later.

    @brajveer This is just a guess but if you do a web search on Quality Council of Indiana it will probably show up. If not then Quality Council of Indiana + Black Belt.

    Just my opinion.



    Hi Everyone,
    Im self studing the CRE & CSSBB exams and whated to find out whats your thoughs in terms of text books?

    What would you all recommend.


    Scott Babcock

    In my search for understanding about SS certifications, I too am curious about primers. My last exam sitting was for CQE successfully back in 2008 after the “old trusty” Indiana primer and self-study.

    As I’m finding it’s time to brush up on certifications, and seeing SS as the logical next step after having CQE BOK down pretty good, I’ve been researching all I can about Lean Six Sigma cert, have renewed my ASQ membership. Though I’m not dead set on ASQ for the certification as I’ve been reading up on the other options but that’s another topic I’ve been reading about here. Right now my main task is training/learning and sharpening the saw.

    Given my past good experience I’m inclined to think the QCI Primers would be wise.
    I wonder if the CSSBB Primer would be as in-depth as the CSSGB Primer though?
    Reason I ask is I wouldn’t want to underestimate fundamentals in the GB primer that may be omitted in the BB primer.

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