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    Good day!
    I am doing my thesis in an industry (middle-sized) that produces steel devices. I have been asked to map the industry’s production using the ValueStreamDesigner and I am having some trouble. I have observed tha production for about a month and taken times (idle time, setup time, etc) for every piece that is constructed. The device needs about 200 different pieces so I have to see the production of all (through the saw machine, the bohring bar, etc.) but the programm is supposed to work vice versa, from end to start and not the other way around. So how can I design the stream if I dont know the data for the last works? And how can I stream all 200 different pieces (that have to go through 4-5 different work stations) for this one product?
    thank you!



    I don’t understand why you would measure set-up times, idle times, etc. without first understanding the flow.

    I have no idea what this means – even though it appears to pass Word’s grammar checker.
    Having multiple flavours of product isn’t always a problem provided you take a functional view, rather than a ‘part number’ view.
    Do you have a process engineer on site? Perhaps you ought to consider asking him/her for assistance.
    Good luck!



    It appears that you are attempting to construct a Value Stream Map with a given software, which has built in constraints into how it is constructed (program logic).  You do realize that in constructing a VSM you have the ability to construct with paper and pencil in order to develop an understanding of the value stream?
    You may with to consult Learning to See in constructing your VSM.  Given your discription it sounds like you are in a mixed-model value stream, so Creating Mixed Model Value Streams may be more useful though.
    Good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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