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    My recenty position/company I have been a part of for almost 4 months.  I am a full time black belt and am very happy with my current position.
    Recently, the VP of operations left and took with her a whole fleet of our upper managment.  I was even made an offer, but was not interested due to the move it would require to make out of state.
    The position directly above me is in control of the entire company quality process and allows a direct report into the new VP of operations.
    The new positon is available for me to apply and I am actually the only current candidate who meets the requirments as far as education and quality certifications, aka Six Sigma.  In fact, there is no one even close to my level of experience internally.
    Does it seem apropriate for me to apply only being in my current position for a few months.  This postion is mission critical to my company and until the right person fills it, aka someone with a god solid foundation of all quality principals, not just ISO and SS.  I feel an obligation to my company to apply, I am just not sure if I want to give up my day to day BB work that I truly enjoy and only have the BB as part of job.
    I do feel that until I can get the ear of the VP as a direct report, we will never gain the SS traction that we need to do a good job.  But I really like doing the BB work everyday.
    I guess I need to decide wether I want to keep plugging away at problems, or actually get a chance to solve them before they have a chance to get to the BB level of engagment.
    Anyone have any thoughts to my thinking above?  I know there is several individuals who have expereinced similar opportunities and may have gained some valuable insight that I may have overlooked.



    According the wisdom of the East, doing nothing is to do everything – something they call Wei Wu. In other words, waiting is both action and non-action.
    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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