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    If we have a process that produces 200 units, with 5 opportunities for defect per unit. We are given that 100 initial defect are produced, with 15 fixed before they reach the customer.
    DPMO = (100/(200×5))x1,000,000 = 100,0000
    Am I doing it right?!
    1.     Which statement describes a critical deliverable of the Control Step?a)  A list of Operational definitions for all baseline measuresb)  A box plot for each continuous variablec)  A standardized process which is documentedd)  A Pareto Diagram
    2. When selecting a sample of data for a continuous variable from a large
                population, the sample size required depends on the:
    a.     Size of the population
    b.     How much data has already been collected
    c.     Target process Sigma
    d.     Amount of variation expected in the data
    And I expect the answers to be:
    1.     A
    2.     C
    My ASQ exam for the BB certification is March 20 …. and I still have a lot more to read and practice … any recommendations.


    Dog Sxxt

    This forum is not your lecture hall.



    Who said anything about a lecture hall ….. all I am asking for is some help in clarifying some questions.
    I am going through answering some questions as a part for my preperation for a BB certification exam.
    I am sorry if that bothered you …. but I did not know that this a very private forum.


    Dog Sxxt

    I am sorry if that bothered you …. but I did not know that this a very private forum
    You already make this forum your private tuition class. Everybody seems shall worry for your ASQ examination.



    Just relax!!..U have no right to ridicule anyone as u are not the only person who visit this website. There may be many who would like to answer the question.
    Behave rationally. U seem to come from a country that is ruled by a ‘dictator’..ur behavior shows it. Mend your ways.



    Hi Jack,
    Initiative. Congratulations, you are using yours. I was once told that a great engineer does not hold all the answers, but he knows where to get them from.
    DPMO = (defects/opportunities) x 1,000,000 So in answer to your question, you are right.
    The key thing with this forum is that it is a discussionary forum. If you are looking for direct answers you are very unlikely to get them, so say why you believe that it is 1. A and 1. C.
    Also when working with any question asked, look for the deliverables from the question, for example:
    Which statement describes a critical deliverable of the Control Step?
    So you are looking for a descriptive critical deliverable from the Control phase of a project and it is likely they are attempting to assess your understanding of the tools used through th DMAIC process.
    a) Does a list of operational definitions stop your improvements from going into remission?
    b) Is a Box Plot a control or a way of analysing data? Also, continuous variable of what process?
    c) A standardised process which is well documented. Does this control the improvements made in your project? Does it describe your new process to stop remission? Is it a deliverable?
    d) Where would you use a Pareto diagram? what is it for? Yes it is a descriptive chart but usually only for analysis.
    Run through the same thing for question two, then ask your question to the forum again if you need to… Which you do by the way.
    Good luck with the exam!


    Dog Sxxt

    Meaning I cannot say something “dislike” by any posters?
    BTW, my “dictator” did not send soldiers to foreign land to search for nuclear warheads.

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