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    Rahul Sharma

    Hi All,
    I need to do a project to reduce the AHT form 14 Sec to 7.5 .I am planning to conduct a T&M study ,however My limitations are that the recording for the calls is only avaialbale in Voice medium there is no screen recording .This  is a technical process and requires troubleshooting which further requires research.
    would it be appropriate to go ahead with just the voice samples or should i do a live monitoring sitting next to the agents ( which i personally fgeel would not give me accurate samples )
    Also is there a strict method that needs tobe followed a Template or a design that woudllm help my analysis .
    Pleae suggest .
    Rahul sharma


    Ken Feldman

    And how much troubleshooting can you do in 7.5 seconds?  Saying, “Hi, my name is xxxx, how can I help you?” takes almost 7.5 seconds.


    Adam L Bowden

    You may be optimizing waste – look at all your calls – are they all value added – my experience has shown me that a large proportion of calls are non-value added.  Remove the waste then focus on AHT.
    my 2 c worth.


    Pradeep Sharma

    Assuming your talking in minutes not in seconds, you can do following things for AHT
    Break down your AHT into Average Talk time (ATT), After Call Work (ACW) and Hold Time per call. Try to get it from automated tool, if not possible then go for Time and Motion Study, ask your supervisor to do random monitoring and capture the data for you. Apart from this ask them to provide issue wise AHT, for ex. X issue takes y mins and so on. Your sample should cover all the polulation for all kinds of issues. Hope this helps…
    Good luck


    Rahul Sharma

    Thank you all for the valuable inputs ,However this is the brief discription of the problem that iam facing in the process .
    I have 24 line of products that are troubleshooted :
    5 LOB constitute to 80% of my call flow :
    The AHT and contributing factors to these LOB are :

    Avg ACW
    Avg Hold
    AVG. ACD

    0.10 SEC
    Now iam planning to do a T&M study on only these LOB calls since they are contributing to 80% of my call flow .
    My Question are
    1.How many calls should be studied to get a breif idea of capturing redundancy .
    2.What should be the duration of the calls that should be studied . 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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