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    I have the task of completing a “Time and Motion” study for my team.  We are responsible for processing new hires.  We can manage the timing of inputting the information in the system but need to understand how to measure the non tech functions, following up on paperwork and other pre-hire documents, initiating and following up on background checks, etc.  Can anyone help?



    A lot of ways to handle things of this nature.  Timestudy is one way, but it will ignore the other duties that typically are done by the team.  So if all they do is repeatable and consistent then going with a timestudy probably would work well.  In my opinion when dealing with paperwork and processing it through a system you can take the times to get an idea on how long it takes to fill it out, but you can gleen much more information by doing a good work sampling study.  Then you also can figure out how much time it takes to process it through as well as see how much time is lost due to unforseen items that you may want to work on elimination first. 
    Just a thought.  Configure your work sampling study over the course of a couple of weeks and see what people are really doing.  It may surprise you.


    The Force

    What’s the purpose of your time study? If you intend to include other activities not within your control, this is more on cycle time to determine how long it takes to process something then reduce the waste BUT if you intend to determine the right headcount allocation, just focus on the processing time that is controllable on your end.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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