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Looking for Tips for a New Deployment

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    I worked for about 3 yrs on a tomato processing plant, which produced tomato sauce at retail type packages. I’ve deployed a few 6sigma projects within this process, most of all related to reduce quality issues (filling, spilling, etc).

    I’m now on a completely different enviroment and workplace: a chemical sales/distribuition company, which lacks defined process, workflow and KPI’s managenement.

    In a first sight, Im thinking about deploying a simple DMAIC work to identify and standarize major work process issues as sales samples cost & effiency. I’ve never worked nor deployed such projects on a sales enviroment. I wonder what advice, tips and alerts can I get from your experience.

    Thank you in advance,

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    Do you have a champion for doing this? I would suggest having a metric to track for your processes you’re wanting to standardize. Standardization won’t always be best if best practices aren’t implemented.

    Just a few thoughts.

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    Thank you for you quick response, @cseider.

    No, I dont have a champion. Let me give you a quick background:

    This company barely knows any concept of Continuous Improvment or even estabilishing “process” to its work. It started as a family entreprise with few SKU’s on its chain. The company grew up in a very fast and unorganized way, expanding the amount of SKU’s and employees. Today, directors and managers struggle due to overwork between field work and strategic planning and face results behavior that they cant explain or act in (e.g.: more costumers achieved, but some key costumers buying a lesser mix of SKU’s thus decreasing revenue).

    So we’re talking about 0 level of standarization and CI tools.
    Which best practices would you consider the best starting points to develop a CI culture?
    I thought about some KPI’s regarding inventory mngmt and sales performance; Introducing and conducting minor Ishikawa Diagrams and some RCA’s; Estabilishing some Management At Sight charts.

    Also, what advices would you recommend regarding breaking through some strong conservative mindset when deploying CI?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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