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    Why do industries never go beyond the six sigma limit? We are in the world of zero defect, there should not be concept like a sigma limit. Are you in agreement with me?



    How do you quantify your defect rate?  0, 0.00, 0.0000, etc.?


    Vikas M. Valsang

    Industries can beyond go beyond Six Sigma limit. There is no limit (theoritically). At Six Sigma level, 99.9966 % of the variables will fall within the specification limit.
    What does it mean, 3.4 defects in a million opportunity. So for an airline industry, operating at 6 sigma means, 3.4 mishaps for every million flights. There are airlines which have operated above 6 sigma as well. 
    So there is no concept like a six sigma limit ! 


    Tony Burns

    We are not in a world of zero defects. Low defect rates are only possible when a process is behaving predictably. A process that is in statistical control is operating as consistently as it can. A process that is not in control, is in a state of chaos and there is nothing that can be done to prevent defects.
    Our focus should be on bringing process to a state of statistical control.
    Dr Tony Burns
    [email protected]


    Hong Xu

    Dear All:
    A first time participant.
    I want to start a thread related to this post.
    Based on my limited experience, I observe that special causes are a bigger problem causing most of the headachs in industries that I have been associated with, especially when common cause capability is already good. It is also a bigger challenge as special cause events are more difficult to measure, analyze, solve, and control. Before anybody jumps on it, I have to qualify it that this is just my LIMITED observation. By no means it is universally the case.

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