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    John Kitching

    I have been identified as a green belt within our newly formed 6Sigma Department. My current role is that of Training and Development and in particular Total Productive Maintenance.
    Can you advise me on a suitable project which will address any Green Belt requirements while at the same time involve my current role of Training Supervisor within a company that specilises in Automotive Chassis Manufacturing
    Thank You


    Tom Black

    I don’t completely understand your job.  Training and Development in Total Productive Maintenance don’t tell me a lot.  Do you train maintenance people?  Do you teach the concepts of TPM?
    Nevertheless, here are some ideas to help identify a project:

    Who is your customer? (Every person has a process, every process has a product, and every product has a customer.)  In what way is your customer dissatisfied?
    Where is there waste in your process?  What actions do you take that add no value to your customer?
    What problems keep you awake at night?  What problems keep your supervisor awake at night?
    What is that nagging problem that just won’t seem to go away even though it’s been fixed four times?
    If everything is perfect, you don’t need Six Sigma.  If you are like most of us, these few questions will generate a list of possibilities that can be prioritized to find the most valuable project.
    Tom Black, MBB


    Bob Bechtold

             The first thing that I would concern myself with, is my (your) training.  The training should give you a good idea of where to look for your project.  Remember Six Sigma is all about variation within a process.  Training is definitely a process.  In a training and development center there is a wealth of data to gather.  You need to identify input and output variables  A few examples:
    Training Materials: Books-manuals-videos-equipment
    Training Format: Classroom-on the job-individual 1 on 1
    Subject Retention: Tests-on the job performance-job completion rate-job completion time
    Retention Rates: How many people caught on the first time through, the second time, etc.-how much time did it take for the majority to catch on
    I don’t really know exactly what you are training for, so these examples are a bit vague.  The important thing is to remember that the data needs to quantifiable, and these examples can be measured.  Realistically, training is one of , if not the, most important things a company needs to do with its employees.  Completion of a project in a training area should garner financial benefits for the company, by giving the employees the opportunity to be the best that they can.
    Good Luck!  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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