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    We are a small company looking to hire some consultants to offer Six Sigma training(Green, Black Belts) How to evaluate the vendor for this training need?



    Is this, “Machine-shop Dave” from SoCal?


    Chris Seider

    1.  Prepare a list of desires, wants, and needs
    2.  Have your candidate companies present their product
    3.  Contact prior clients….
    4.  Evaluate and decide….
    5.  Lastly, be wary and ask ahead of time about cost since some will only do training with two co-trainers which tends to double the incurred expenses as opposed to those instructors/companies which can handle the entire week alone.
    Feel free to contact [email protected] about any inquiries from CS International.
    Keep in mind, that you can always have the option of pure training only but some support is usually required if no six sigma experience exists within the location.
    Lastly, in my opinion, do NOT go for the model of training without actual project work in between the course weeks.  The adult learning model must be adhered to for ANY chance of knowledge/skills transfer. Good luck.



    Hi Dave,
    Six Sigma training is not only to handle a lot of stuff. Six Sigma has something to do with Change.
    For this change process you should search for a trainer with a lot of practical experience. Someone, who has done own projects, coached projects and ideally a lot of experience with trainings.
    It must be someone, who is able to contaminate the students with Six Sigma virus ;-))
    In my opinion, a personal meeting is a good chance, to find out this talent.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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