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    Dear All,
    I would like to hear from anyone who has experience at improving a process were a customer calls the call centre and it is established that there is a requirement to set up a new account due to change of ownership, change of partners or change of account status. As a consequence there is a need for a Hire Agreement Form to be completed, sent to the customer, signed and returned.
    The problems found with the current process are:
    1) Often the customer service advisor makes an incorrect decision on whether or not the change requires completion of a new account form. The tendancy is to default to choose the New Account Form process. It would seem that the operational definitions of when a new account form is and is not needed are not clear to every advisor;
    2) There are potentially many questions to ask the customer and this can be a long call which can be difficult for both the advisor and the customer;
    3) There are delays in mailing the New Account form to the customer;
    4) It takes a long time for the new account form to be returned by the customer. Often it is not and chaser letters are sent and calls made;
    5) There are many mistakes on New Account Forms returned from customers.
    We are not yet in a position to provide full web based access to the customer to allow them to complete a form on a web site so other improvement solutions are required.
    I hope others in the community can share experience with improvement actions on similar processes.



    In brief possible answers arel
    1 and 2. Set up a script/ decsion tree to guide the operator through the call and to make the correct decision. Work with them to make sure they understand it and it’s not too restrictive to them. If it could be electronic that wold be best seen these simpley set up in Excel if that’s all you’ve got.
    3, Look for sign offs and batching up. Can you email them it or have it downloadable from the Web.
    4, What’s the incentive for the customer to return it? Do they know this? If it’s in your interest can you set one up.
    5, Pre-populate the form so all they need to do is sign it. Redesign the form so it’s simpler to fill in. Count the issues and work on the worst first.

    What have you tried already?



    Good advice from HOE, but for item number 1, I would do an MSA on your decision makers. My guess is that they are not using the same criteria, or are just taking the lazy out and defaulting to new account.

    Instead of mailing/e-mailing the form, why not just have the operator take the data directly when a “new account” situation is indicated? At most, you would send the completed data to the individual for confirmation/acceptance.




    HOE Thanks for your possible answers. Nothing has been tried yet on during the course of this particular project. I am in the Improve phase of the DMAIC roadmap. I am told that a script has been provided in the past. This does not seem to have been accepted by the operators. Possible reasons for this are it may have been delivered to them on email and now sits somewhere within the company intranet and operators are not sure where to go to retrieve it and/or switching between numerous screens and loading web pages is considered to be too slow when on the call. It turns out that solicitors external to the company advise us that an electronic copy of the document (hire agreement) with the customers signature, provided it is clear and legible is acceptable in a court of law whereas our own legal department state that a hard copy form with original customer signature must be obtained. The form is pre-populated in some cases already. We intend to use a concentration diagram/heat map approach with the form to pinpoint were the issues are. We will look to review the existing script and see what we can do to get it accepted. We also intend to redesign the form and email it too and from the customer.

    MBBinW – I have already done an attribute agreement analysis with some of the operators. Good agreement interoperator. Poor agreement between operators.


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