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    Hello,I am currently working in a manufacturing company and I am trying to establish a trigger yield limit at test area. What statistical tools can you recommend that I use when trying to establish this yield limit? Thanks for your help.


    Bob J

    You might want to consider using a control chart.Β  It will alert you to any significant change or shift in your process.Β  If you are measuring yield as a percentage, the proper control chart will probably be a P chart.
    Hope this helps…
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    Bob J



    Bob J’s advice is good. We use P charts for when we only have attribute data on the output. Focus on first time through yield, especially if no calibration is done (Adjusting the output due to uncontrollable input variation.) Use variables type data whenever available.
    We typically use P charts on the output First Time Through yield to and quickly try to find the input(s) most affecting the failures. TheΒ  output SPC should be posted real time and in the process. Get the process operators to react to the P chart and suggest the inputs that are causing specila cause variation.
    Get SPC on the inputs quickly and control them and then consider eliminating SPC on the output and input if now fail-safed.
    Trigger yield limits, I assume, are early warnings before customer requirements are at risk. The control charts should be sensitive to trends as well as any point outside of the control limits. The control limits have nothing directly to do with the customer spec’s, but they warn when a change in process is possibly occurring. Center your process, reduce variation, achieve capability adn then use the SPC out-of-control events to be the trigger.
    Let me know if you need more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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