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    For Katy, or other support.  I’ve had this problem before and we discussed.  It went away, now it’s back.  Although signed in, when I want to comment on a recent discussion it doesn’t recognize that I’m signed in, so I’m not allowed to comment.  Go to other pages (where I’m recognized as signed in) then back.  Sign in again on the discussion page.  Log out then back in.  Leave your website, reboot, then come back.  Same problem.  If it’s any help the particular discussion topic this time is “Would This Qualify as a Certification-Worthy Process?”

    I’m retired and have no reason to comment here except to help others.  If it’s too frustrating to do so, I’ll go away.

    For your tech people or those you contract:  I used to be a software engineer.  I’ve seen similar problems.  They were caused by data latency.  If outdated information is not cleared it may keep “mysteriously” coming back.  My guess, based on behavior, is that sign-in status is stored in more than one place, which is bad practice in itself, and that there’s a data synchronization error.  There are multiple places in your website where you can sign in and there are multiple places that check for sign in.  There should be just one address for sign in status unless there are compelling security or compliance reasons to do otherwise.


    Michael Cyger

    Hi Don,

    We’re sorry you’re experiencing trouble with iSixSigma.

    I understanding you’re signed in, then your browse around the website and go to reply to a thread only to find out that you’re not signed in.

    I can totally appreciate how frustrating this is. You just want to comment and help someone out, and it’s hard for you to do so. We do not want that to happen, because we appreciate your contributions to the community.

    We recently implemented a caching system called CloudFlare. When you’re signed in, it should not show any cached pages. It might be causing these intermittent issues where you see a cached page instead of a live / signed in page. But we’re not sure yet.

    As a software engineer, I’m know you can appreciate how hard some bugs are to find and squash. We need to reproduce it before we can try to find the root cause and determine a solution.

    Can I ask you for a big favor? Can you please visit and tell us the information at the top of that screen?

    For instance, when I visit I see:

    Chrome 79 on macOS (Catalina)
    ✓ Your web browser is up to date.

    This will help get us started in trying to reproduce your problem. I’ll also send you an email directly.

    Thanks in advance for your notification of this bug, and for your support as we try to solve it.

    Best regards,

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