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    Hello everybody:
    I am curious to know whether a university has implementated the six-sigma process improvements for its processes. I appreciate anyone’s providing with the information like the name of the university, when and how they implement and how is the result, etc.
    Thank you.



    actually i helped students of my alma mater SIBM (now a deemed university) to initiate six sigma projects s part of the six sigma club (eventually to be incorporated as mandatory certification for first year).
    they started out management objective as VOC with following objectives
    – to create a good brand
    – to have profitability
    further drill down came out with several inputs which goes in for good brand like
    – faculty to student ratio
    – placements (being a management college)
    – number of companies to students ratio
    – computer to student ratio
    – number of international journals to student ratio etc etc
    similarly for the other objective
    then second drill down got automatically linked to various processes which goes in the college. cost effectiveness came in drill down on profitability
    projects were taken on those
    hope this helps
    since i was a mentor and then shifted to kolkata, i am not sure how far have they implemented the same

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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