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    All we all know, one of the “key” success factors for Lean Six Sigma/Six Sigma is “top management committment”… Heres my prob….
    – My manager is being transferred to another role in another location. He has been extremely busy with his “other” commitments… – I am a certified green belt and have been trying very hard to sustain the L6S initiatives in my organization
    My concern is that, as my manager is not “certain” about providing support for the initiatives and also hasn’t been too actively invovled with any of the initiatives since 6 months, we may terribly fail in driving L6S succesfuly… Moreover.. I do not have enough “experience” or technical skills required to guide or mentor projects and he doesn’t seem to be certain about plans for me…
    What do I do ?? please help !!I have a meeting with him the coming week, I would like to make a strong case on how important his involvement is in this process and how L6S is taken so lighlty in my organization…
    Looking forward to some help!!



    Regarding your situation:
    Remember, Lean Six sigma (and any other improvement toolset) does not exist for its own purposes.  It exists to help the business. All managers (including yours) should know that they have to improve the business, or they will perish.
    With that in mind:  your situation is unfortunate, but not unusual.
    When in doubt, you need to go back to basics:
    1.  First, identify your business’s key goals / targets.  Hopefully, you already have these.  If not, identify them ASAP.
    2.  Next, you need to identify which of these goals / targets that you can influence as a Green Belt, using your Lean Six Sigma skills.  You should be able to influence multiple areas, by the way.  You need to be able to QUANTIFY how Lean Six Sigma will aid in the achievement of these goals / targets.
    3.  Then, put together a CONCISE summary of that, and talk with your manager about it. PRONTO!
    You must be able to show him/her that the business (and the manager) will suffer these improvement efforts are is blocked. 
    Do NOT use the usual Lean Six Sigma jargon — talk to him/her using the universal language of management: MONEY.
    … hope this is helpful …
    Best regards,


    Heebeegeebee BB

    You need to couch everything in terms of benefits to your Customer (Internal and external).
    If you can’t tie your efforts directly to improvements to:

    Then you won’t have a leg to stand on.



    QCO and HBGB gave you some good advice if you want to discuss this from a business or company perspective. Depending on how well you know your boss (and how comfortable you feel in talking openly with him/her) you may want to make this a more personal conversation?
    Questions to include:

    How does your boss’s change in responsibilities impact your responsibilities?
    Will there be more support/less support?
    Does he/she see the company providing another manager/leader to dedicate more time to the initiative?
    What is his/her opinion of the overall picture?
    Is there anything else/different you can do to help ensure a better chance of success on your projects?
     From your perspective, this might be a more beneficial conversation. Upward selling is hard to do when no one is listening.
     Good Luck!  OLD



    I can relate to your dilemma. I work for the largest maker of industrial automation in the US. I took this job because the LSS effort was being led by a person who led deployments at Motorola, Allied, and GE. They left within 6 months of my arrival under mysterious circumstances, but I believe they commited polictical suicide trying get support. We are led by a recluse CEO, a bully, a wimp who hides behind his position, and a CFO who badgers these guys publicly and talks openly about their incompetence. I suggest you do what I and at least 20 others here are doing. My resume is up to date and being circulated.



    Does that mean you’re getting a new boss?



    Dear E1,
    It sounds like your manager has been vague because he knows something, something you will probably learn in your meeting next week. Perhaps the plug is being pulled, or even worse – maybe you are his last cost savings – Termination!



    Mike:Send me an email – 6SigmaGuru(at)gmail(dot)comCheers, BTDT



    I hate to break it to you, but unless you’re Silvester Stallone, you’re not gonna be hanging on a rope from a cliff for a very long time. If your and manager and you as a GB are the only one’s driving “six sigma” in an organization, with no deployment plan, no training, no infrastructure it’s time to face reality. Sorry that I can’t be more touchy feely about this, but this is NOT lean six sigma!



    I agree with QualityColorado- put a Project Savings List together that shows how important your efforts are to the organization, and how they link to business unit goals.
    Then, ask your boss to continue being your mentor.  This will boost his ego and maybe help keep your position alive!  As long as your projects are saving/making money for the company, why would they drop the program?  Work on projects within the scope of your abilities, you’ll learn how to handle bigger ones.



    Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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