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    Saad Haythem

    Hi, someone help me with this pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase:

    Which of the following is an effect of Six Sigma implementation?
    1- Delays in shipment of products
    2- Decrease in cost and quality
    3- Reduction in production of defective products
    4- Decreased customer retention
    Which of the following assertions is true with regard to the Six-sigma approach?
    1- It is a factual-data based methodology.
    2- It is only used to bring about improvements in manufacturing processes.
    3- It aims at bringing down defects to 13.4 per million opportunities.
    4- Its main objective is to make the organization as lean as possible
    DMADV refers to
    1- Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Validate
    2- Design, Measure, Analyze, Define and Validate
    3- Define, Modify, Analyze, Design and Validate
    4- Define, Measure, Analyze, Demonstrate, Verify
    ‘Lessons learned’ is an input for
    1- Analyze
    2- Improve
    3- Control
    4- None of the above
    DMADV used
    1- To improve the existing product or process
    2- When the existing product or process does not meet the level of customer specification or Six Sigma level even after optimization with or without using DMAIC
    3- To track the existing process performance
    4- None of the above
    Who among the following is a stakeholder in Six Sigma?
    1- Customer
    2- Supplier
    3- End user
    4- All of the above
    Specification limits are defined by
    1- Process data
    2- The customer
    3- The Master Black Belt
    4- The supplier
    Project CTQ (Y) Defect Definition
    Daily water consumption Any day water consumption > 15.6 unit
    What is the USL?
    1- 15.7
    2- 15.6
    3- 15.5
    4- None of the above
    Suppose you have the following information:
    Target = 23, specification limits = ± 3
    Average = 23, standard deviation = 0.6
    The process is a …………. sigma process.
    1- 3
    2- 4
    3- 5
    4- 6
    Identify the basic difference between DMAIC and DMADV.
    1- DMADV – Design of new products or improvement in existing products; DMAIC – Improvement in an existing process
    2- DMADV – Improvement in an existing process
    3- DMAIC – Design of new products or improvement in existing products; DMADV and DMAIC both are same
    4- None of the above
    Which of the following stakeholders is responsible for providing inputs to the process?
    1- Customers
    2- End users
    3- Suppliers
    4- Employees
    As the six sigma level decreases, the defect percentage
    1- Decreases
    2- Increases
    3- Remains constant
    4- May increase or decrease
    Which of the following is a DFSS methodology?
    1- DMAIC
    2- DMADV
    3- SIPOC
    4- COPQ
    Two variables A and B are plotted in a Scatter diagram as shown below.
    Link of the image:
    Choose the best possible option from the list.
    1- There is a strong positive linear relationship between A and B
    2- There is a weak negative linear relationship between A and B
    3- There is a strong negative linear relationship between A and B
    4- There does not exist any linear relationship between A and B
    A control chart is drawn for a process with a sample size of 20. How many special causes of variation are there?
    Link of the image:
    1- 0
    2- 1
    3- 10
    4- 20


    Carl Berardinelli

    Saad Haythem

    Sir, I don’t have enough time to study that, i need answers to this for my PMC.


    Katie Barry

    Saad Haythem

    Although the iSixSigma audience is generous with help and suggestions, they are not here to do your work for you.

    If you search our website, you will find most of the answers you are looking for — if not all.


    Saad Haythem

    I have 200 questions to answer and I just asked for 15 answers to six sigma pros, I just need help not to do my work, and thanks for help


    Craig Tickel

    Here are a couple… Six sigma implementation Answer is 3…. other 1,2,4 have results headning in wrong direction, not improvement.

    2nd question – it is a factual based. Not just for manufacturing, 13.4 DPMO is not correct, not just lean.

    DMADV, you should know…. come on…

    Lessons learned is for control… Pilot implementation in IMPROVE, hence lessons learned goes to CONTROL Phasee.

    DMADV is used for 2 when existing process does not meet customer needs.

    THere, you have a start.



    @ctickel: Why help someone who can’t bother to help themselves?



    You will get more help from us if you take the time to think about a question, then tell us what you’re thinking and why you’re uncertain. Those of us who contribute to this forum do so because we want to share and further knowledge. Sometimes a well-thought question forces us to look at something differently than we have in the past. Simply giving you the answers to test questions is a disservice to you, and to all of us.


    Saad Haythem

    Thank you all, i studied well and i’ve got my belt.
    I just needed help with only 15 questions :(
    Anyway, thank you !!


    Chris Seider

    I’m trying to understand perspective but to ask the question “what is DMADV” these sound like exam questions or homework or … It’s not like you’re asking “why would Define Measure Analyze Design and Validate be good words chosen for the acronym” which would leave room for discussion. It’s not like it’s hard to find things like


    Hope all is well.


    Saad Haythem

    Yes sir, It’s bad to prepare for an exam just to get certified then forget about everything that’s what i had in mind. Now I know why I was asking that kind of questions hahah. It’s about to change the way of thinking and acting the right way.

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