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    We use a “trouble ticket” type mechanism to request IT services to fulfill a customer’s new or modified requirements. Our Customer Interface Mananer (CIM) typically provides the customer with an Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) based on his/her estimation of the time for the request to pass through validation, engineering services for (technical solution), procurement and shipping. Although these EDDs are close to the EDD about 70% of the time, we would like to improve that percentage so that our customer’s have faith in the promised delivery dates. All requests are pushed into Engineering Sevices as soon as recieved. They are categorized as small, medium and large and assigned priorities high, medium, or low. “Small” requests should only take a few hours to complete; however, because of the priority scheme, some mediums or highs are completed more quickly than smalls. I am looking for information or methods to help reduce the variabilty we encounter in ES. I have read some L6S literature that addresses using the queue to do this.  I would appreciate any references, methods, or suggestions, especially regarding the queue.

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