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    As a thesis I need to potray the production of a firm using the Valuestream Designer. The firm makes sport bikes for gym studios. The bike is made out of about 150 different parts, each of these parts go through some processes: sawing machine, latche CNC, chamfering machine CNC, drilling(boring) machine, and they they are welded together, and coated with a ceramic powder. Not all parts go through all of the procedures(they are portrayed as resources in my diagramm). My first draft using the VSD has alot of errors (no simulation can be done) mainly because there can only be one buffer to a process, and I cant quite figure out how I can do it. I have asked my proffesors but they can not provide me with any hints.ANy help will be apreciated!Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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