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Value Stream Map Confusion

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    I am trying to do my first VSM with delivery of milk to shop and all stages between transport and delivering on shelves but got confused. Dont know how you are getting what value is under Inventory, what datas should be in databox, well have some problems with overall of process.Can anybody just put some light on it?Thank you

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    Inventory is typically shown as days of inventory using little’s law. Also if defects are created, this is captured also in inventory.

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    A VSM is a beginner level task ! If you truly want to improve a process a Detailed Process Map is needed. This identifies the inputs and outputs of each step in a process.

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    How did you decide it was a beginner level tool?

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    So if its way of milk from delivery to a shop, through fridge(storing there) and then shelves and it happens in one day for example for 200 litres of milk how its going to look like?On what should I focus on?

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    defects, cycle time, lead time, inventory, throughput are typical focuses.

    you never know what you’ll find if you’re new to the process.

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    @trolin7 How did you arrive at this process as your project? If there was something specific you wanted to measure and analyze then that is what you start with. If there is a corporate initiative to do something it would be a great career move to start there.

    If you picked this for no particular reason the do it all. If you have no clue what you are looking for (which is ok) then you measure it all and evaluate the opportunities. Make your choice based on where you will get results not necessarily the fastest but with a visible impact particularly to your customer.

    Just my opinion.

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    Its just for my course and have to be done as to visualize some example in that way, just picked up some process. I just want to check which steps can be improved and by which techniques(5S, maybe Kanban, Poka-yoke), that is very basic project.

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    @trolin If this is an academic exercise to teach how to do this I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Stay conventional and focus on inventory or time. Depending on the instructor if you stray to far from that don’t be surprised if they don’t understand what you are doing.

    Just my opinion.

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    Current value stream map is one now future state map and improvements with tools like Kanban,Kaize,5S and ect, just dont know which one is to which improvement like shorter way to the fridge, less adamage of milk, better organization of staff breaks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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