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    Mike Archer

    Hello.  This forum is such a great resource.  I want to be careful not to abuse it by excessive inquiry, but I do have another question:
    In my training, all VSM examples show processes that feed sequentially to the next.  In real life, processes are lateral of each other in flow and feed a common process downstream.  Is there an example on how to correcly depict this and to show cycle time a lead time?
    I will elaborate to add clarity to my question.  If process A feeds process B, then the total cycle time and lead time are a sum of the 2 processes… easy.  However, if process A and B are independent of each other, and come together in process C, then I would think that total cycle and lead time would be A or B (whichever is greater) plus C.  Does that make sense?  Any help is appreciated.


    Ovidiu Contras

    A clarification first. If:
     Lead Time (total time it takes for the product to pass through the whole process), then you are right – longest A or B + C.
    Cycle Time (the actual time it takes to do an operation), then your work content (total Cycle Time) is A+B+C
    Hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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