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Value Stream Mapping

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    Value Stream Mapping for Dispatch Material from FGS to Customer.
    I have drawn the VSM for the Process in the shop floor , but i don’t know how to draw the VSM for Finished goods stores to supplier.

    Pls suggest me how to draw the VSM for the above requirement & Share the doccument if anything available.

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    Treat them as additional process steps. Keep in mind why you’re doing the VSM’s.

    I often wonder why people spend so much time on making pretty VSM’s and less time on driving business improvements with projects or project management. This isn’t a slam on @ramaraj but a general statement.

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    @cseider It is style over substance. Been that way for a very long time.

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    Thank you sir..

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    I have dine the VSM. find the attached file & Pls check and correct if anything is wrong.
    Pls teach me how to calculate Cycle efficiency.

    Is Cycle efficiency = Value added time ( Cycle time ) / ( Inventory + Value Added Time )

    How to calculate Weighted average Inventory

    Eg :

    Material Inventory ( days ) % in Product
    Chemical 5 10%
    Carbon 15 75%
    Oil 6 15%

    1. VSM.xlsx
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    Realizing that factory floor teams, middle management, finance, and upper management all need to think about the problems, various kinds of Process or Flow Maps have been used (often seems like style over substance, but if done simply for intended audience mix, can help get improvements funded. In my opinion, process and flow maps are less complex, as they avoid some “Lean metrics” that are used in VSM’s, since many levels of decision makers often have no idea what TAKT time means, but Process Time or Cycle Time they tend to interpret as waste, so that does get attention. If you ever have to do many maps to get teams to understand complex issues, Visio has templates, and there are also Excel templates on web, some free. With high turnover of management (bungie CEO’s, etc) one cannot assume Lean training, let along Six Sigma training, but they all seem to love 5S and entire factory is often seen as “waste” by design managers, thus the many foundries. Life in the 21st century.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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