Value Stream Mapping for Different Components Undergoing Same Process Flow

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    I am working on planning a layout for a manufacturing facility. So I had to consider a method for the layout planning and found that VSM is also a part of it.

    In this manufacturing unit there are 200 different components manufactured and several components undergo different processes. Basically, it is batch production.

    For example, these are the different operations carried out – outer grinding(4Machines), washing(2M/C), inner grinding(4M/C), polishing(2M/C), deburring(2M/C), packing and leakage check station.
    35 components undergo the process- 1,2,3,4,6,7
    25 components undergo the process- 2,3,5,6,7
    15 components undergo the process- 1,3,5,6,7

    Each component has a fixed lot size based on the requirement. So lead time of each component of the same process family is different. Also, waiting times are difficult to calculate.

    In this kind of a problem how can I create the value stream in order to redesign the layout?

    Or can I go ahead with the systematic Layout planning?

    Can anyone please give an input on how to solve this.


    Dayanand V. Yadav

    Hello Vaisha, currently i am also working on similar VSM in my current organization ALFA LAVAL INDIA. For mixed components, we use product family matrix to decide which is higher contributor in terms of volume and process steps and we take that component for that line VSM.
    i think you can do # 3 different VSM of #3 different product family matrix.
    would like to hear more from you, so that it will help me also.



    THAKS FOR THE REPLY DAYANAND.Isn`t it a cumbersome process?

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