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    Sandeep Jain

    Higher variability in output due to multiple variables unable to trace the variability.
    Batch to batch variation sometimes is around 10%. 1% cost is in crores.
    Just want to know if anyone interested in yield improvement project


    Robert Butler

    So, what are the variables you think matter and what have you done with respect to examining production data to at least justify your variable choice? If you have a list – put together a screening design – run the design and use the Box-Meyer’s method to analyze the results to identify the big hitters with respect to variation.

    Oh yes – what does “crores” mean?


    Chris Seider

    Don’t forget to do some graphical and statistical analysis but have you done a process map and had X’s investigated.

    What about the gage being a source of variability?



    I hope you have completed Project Charter and identified the Big Y which your project should address.
    You can provide me the project details and I can support.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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