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    Mr T

    Hi, some advice required from all you DFSS gurus out there!
    My company is currently developing software which is going to be late to market  because there is little tolerance in terms of quality.Will be competing against established products but having benchmarked performance against third parties so we are competent on one level that we can compete.
    It’s not a dfss project, but I am trying to push for some key concepts such as VOC, QFD because:
    The spec at present just seems to be whatever the design engineer thinks up at the time.
    As it’s a software project, and we are currently trying to assess the usability eg user interface. It’s reviewed by a bunch of design engineers with no VOC at all. A complete internal design review by techies.
    My boss is against any external trials this early (giving it to customers to play around with – focus groups, contextual enquiries etc) as he says he doesn’t want any prospective customers seeing our product when it’s “still garbage” as there are many established products in the market.
    The result is there will be no trial by customers until the product is finished (released to manufacturing) so any defects found in operation will result in massive resource expenditure correcting them (the antithesis of any dfss project)
    Also R+D testing may not be a complete assessment of how the product will be used in operational environments!
    You can spot at least 3 things wrong with this scenario, but the main thing is my boss being sensitive about presenting a  very “raw and buggy” product to customers early in the development process.
    Please help, some difficult political and cultural situations!



    You don’t have to do VOC by showing customers a prototype or mockup.  Ask the questions, especially the penetrating questions.  Take a look on this site for KJ.
    QFD is a wonderful tool for larger projects. Be careful with it though, it is easy to spend a terrific amount of time.
    But in any case, the time to do these things was long ago.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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