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    For yrs we have collected the VOC who have told us what they “think” they want in terms of delivery.  What they think they want is what they have always done because no one has challenged tradition.  If more innovative ways for delivery are now available which are foreign to the customer, how do you get customer specs to use for your redesign when what they “think” they want is limited to only what they know??
    In addition, if anyone knows of a reputable firm who can assist in this, please feel free to make a recommendation.  (This is for the service industry…specifically Real Estate and Title Insurance.)
    Thanks in advance.


    Adam Bowden

    Hello LZ,If you are deploying a new type of service most companies use a
    “stage and gate” model to control the process. Part of the process
    is Proactive (vs reactive) VOC collection from pilot or targeted
    segments and decisioneering from there. Regards,Adam
    [email protected]



    One approach would be to include a customer or two in discussions about what they do with the deliverables, and what characteristics would help their processing, costs, and customer delight.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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