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    After reading many posts regarding the VOC (voice of customer) it seems that no one ever mention voice of the market (VOM) is a critical data point to consider when doing VOC. Why is this always overlooked? Some of the writing suggest that the customer may not always know what they want but there are instances when the market direction is very different than that of the customer. So when do you put more weight on the market than the customer?


    Actually, quite a bit of work has been done on using SS methods for growth and strategic planning, considering current and future needs of the market.  Search for “Six Sigma for Growth”.


    VOC (and VOM) have many different potential applications within an organization — driving sales coverage; new product development; defining competencies required in customer-facing roles, etc.
    The manner in which you collect, analyze and deploy the results of VOC, VOM and VOB (Voice of the Business) depends largely on the application you intend — how do you want to use the results?  What business decisions do you want to drive?  What kind of organizational outcomes are you expecting?
    Our best results and experiences have derived from a “triangulated” approach, in which we collect customer feedback; internal best practice reviews; and market / competitor inputs.  By examining the gaps and overlaps among these three — we are able to identify strategic direction and change that is rationally and data based, and ensures positive ROI as a result of the changes.


    Just from what I have seen and read you should not let the Market be your driver even if it predicts that your bussiness is gaining or loosing.
    If you do that then your bussiness could be on a rollacoaster ride more than you want it to be. It is bad enough that the customer is always in a change mode, but the market is even in a bigger change mode. Not only for supply and demand but now you have to factor in fuel and it’s realted costs.


    Benoit, guess I’m missing something. Please tell me the difference between the customer and the market. Is the market not the collective customers? I mean, who else could it be?


    It seems to me that it depends on what your target is and what process you are trying to improve.
    VOM can be very helpful in weighting design concepts if trying to improve your NPD Process.
    VOC can be very helpful if you are doing a project to address a chronic complaint issue on an existing product.


    In my opinion, VOC is important input in improving existing product and/or delivery of product. While, VoM is important input in redesigning product to meet changing expectation of the market. For instance, your product is a cappuccino, VoC will relate to how you serve the coffee, the lead time, taste of coffee, consistency of flavor etc. But, market for cappuccino is changing and their current expectation (VoM) is related mostly to health concerns like sugar content, fat content, and your SS project will also match those needs for example you try to improve taste rating, and in the mean time reduce sugar mg. What do you think?Suwandi


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    The customer is part of a market. So the questions are:
    1. Is this a market (margin) you already hold and need to keep the customers you have?
    2. Is this a market (margin) you already have and want to increase new customers?
    3. Is this not your market and you want to increase you margin with new customers? New product or existing product with strong competitors?There are more questions but this is a start. Sounds like part of the Define and Measure phase of DMAIC doesn’t it? Don’t let people stir you into thinking that six sigma is tactical only and does not include enabling growth modes as well. Another poster stated don’t jump and react to markets passes some merit… look at the New Coke verses Old Coke change. The market margin was impacted temporarily. However, not growing or changing can kill your customer dynamics and markets as well. You need to know where your define stage is thinking about the three questions above. So is the market ignored… only when one does not understand the VOC ties in with market margin. HF Chris Vallee

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