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    Hello Everyone,
    Me and my co-worker are planning to present on Voice of the Customer at a business conference next week.  Part of the presentation is essentially a sales pitch to some of the senior managers in the organization.
    We’re wondering if there’s anyone out there who could give a brief synopsis of the history of voice of the customer and an example or two of how it has been deployed in your organization to achieve business results. 
    Thanks Much!



     one of the best ways of deploying voice of customer is through QFD (Quality Function Deployment).



    As a consultant, one of my most productive activities is to actually become a customer of my new client.  What I always find is that things do not work the way the top executives think they do. Three examples:
    #1 A one bank heavily advertised the ability to set up an account by phone.  I called the number from their billboard.  “Are you keying this all in?” I inocently asked.  The associate said she was writing down my data and it would be entered into a computer later (the first clue something was amiss).  The next day I went into a branch but had no account!  So I got one there.  I figured it was a data entry delay.  Several days later I got a letter thanking me for “trying to set up an account by phone” at BankX but explaining that since I had an out-of-state drivers licence, I couldn’t get an account there.  I guess someone in the bank thought opening accounts for people just moving into town was a bad idea.
    #2 At the same bank, 4 weeks later I still didn’t have my credit card.  The branch staff gave me an 800 number.  I called.  They eventually gave me another 800 number, which reached a group that gave me a third 800 number.  The third group had a great system for tracking credit card requests.  They said my card was in the mail room.  “For how long?” I asked.  “For the last two weeks” came the answer, “they are pretty backed up down there.”  Lets see, how much might I have spent on that card in two weeks?  How much did my three calls cost them to answer?  How many cards could a low-end temp have mailed in two weeks?  I wonder what that tracking system had cost the bank. 
    #3 I actually took the CEO of one bank across the street to a branch, where he saw that the big marketing and cross-selling campaign his executives had been touting hadn’t reached the far side of the street.  He shook his head all the way back to his office.  This contrasts with the Burger King across the street from their old headquarters in Miami, which was a really, really good one.  People have to eat for themselves but CEO’s don’t seem to stand in bank lines.
    These stories were so powerful it took only days to fix each of the problems and start serving all customers better.


    Singhman Rahwallah Beinjin

    I have are been workeng in this area for many some years in India.  My company and myself is leading producer of paper products of personal type.  In pursucance of furthering markets we began expandance of our line of toylet type wiping paper into a lower costing item to enhance poor maerkets.  We found error in not dtermining what is voice of customoer.  Althogh our low maket line of paper wiping product was halve cost of top line, lower market poor persons were not of interest.  We did finded that the poor customers woud have preference to continue the practice of using the left hand for wiping process and did see of value in purchase of toylet wiping paper.  This was major costly arror.



    Very drole.  I suppose your last job was with the railways.

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