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    L. Hendriks

    I want to make a planning for a VSM-pilot, but without any experience within the company it will be hard to tell how long it will take to:
    – Define Productfamilies (engineered to order, makes creating families even harder).
    – Make the (pilot) Value Stream Mapping “current state” (Tips on the practice are very welcome).
    – Create a future state (pilot).
    – Make the Value Stream (action)plan of how to change (drawing the right conclusions).
    If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
    You could also reach me at:  [email protected]


    Gary Talbot

    My company has finished a program of VSM and we’re re-diverting our six sigma resources to implement the priorities identified.
    For each VSM were taking about 4 days as a team activity.
    This includes : Stategy alignment, Lean training, VSM training, Current state mapping, Future state mapping, Project prioitisation (usually a C&E matrix), Write up and report out to senior management.
    If you’re looking for assistance then you could look at “Learning to See” (Rother & Shook) or “Value Stream Management for the Lean Office” (Tapping & Shuker)
    In all cases we have had at least 1 experienced Lean practitioner as part of the facilitation which helps keep the event to timetable.
    As with many things the more time you allow for an event the more time it will take !!!



    Learning To See is a wonderful book. We use that book at my company.


    Adam Bowden

    Hi Gary,
    As far as I’m concerned you’re right on !  I typically take about 4 days to define the current state, identify opportunities, and either create plans to go deeper in specific areas or create plans to do so.
    I tend to find that there are different levels of VSM – one at 40,000′ which covers the entire business and subsequent ones at lower levels.  I find it usefull to do my homework with the leadership to identify specific issues or opportunities so that I can overlay these onto the VSM to identify areas to go deeper.
    I find that “strategic deployment” / Hoshin before or after you first high level VSM works well as it defines the long term vision of the business, it’s strategies, tactics and annual mission.
    Adam L Bowden

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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