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    i m working in a engg. company  using software CATIA V5 and  want to show s sigma in my work.Suggest me so that i can do a six sigma project which is worthwhile for my international client.



    My dear Priya, SS project is not something that can be borrowed or sold!!! Do you have enough knolwedge about SS? do you have good statistical skills? have you ever attended any SS training – online course atleast? CEO has announced that your company is embracing SS?do you have management buy-in? do you have a BB mentor? Do you have a champion/sponsor?? I am certain that you have no idea about Six SIgma, its implementation and stuffs come along with it!!Else, you would not have asked just like that Ï want to do SS project and show some benefits to customer”!!!! What benefits? Do you have a problem statement? Do you have a project charter? do you know whats your SS goal? Do you know what are your in scope and out of scope stuffs for your project? Finally do you know what are your CTQs??? I would suggest you to go back to your cubicle, sit infront of your computer and do some research on SS, google it out and learn the concepts…may be then you can decide yourself as a separate organisation (I mean considering your project as one company) and try to implement some process improvements…Mind you, without other departments co-operation and management buy-in, you will never be able to quantify the benefits in terms of ROI…..all the best…gud luck and never ask such questions again unless you know what you are asking!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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