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    In mintab, I confued some concepts, want to get help 
    Expected “overall” performance:  The expected “overall” performance values quantitatively represent the actual process performance. The expected values are calculated using the overall sample variance.
    Observed performance: The observed performance section tells you the actual number of parts per million located beyond the specification limits.
    what is difference of  those? I think both of them are actual value which was found of out of specification? thanks



    The “observed” performance uses the actual data points (over the USL and below the LSL).
    The “expected” uses the “normal curve” that Minitab generates (if you selected a “normal” distribution).  Minitab calculates the “Z” score for the defects that fall to the right of the USL, and a “Z” score for the portion of the curve to the left of the LSL.  The “expected” values are based on the “normal” curve.  Before trusting this value, make sure that your data truly follos a “normal” distribution (do a “normality test”).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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