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    My company is looking for someone to train as a Black Belt.  What can I do to stand out and impress them?  How did everyone here become a Black Belt or Master Black Belt?



    Newbie–I’m a BB candidate who’s just starting training, so in some sense I’m a newbie too.  That said, some of the traits I would expect and play up with your bosses:
    1. Leadership
    2. Desire to promote positive change in the organization
    3. Strong organizational skills (project management, people, communication)
    4. Tough hide–not everyone will want to play the game as you see it
    5. Ability to see the 30,000 foot view of the world
    6. Unbridled enthusisasm and passion couldn’t hurt (a true desire to want to improve the way business is done)
    For a good synopsis, see
    Good luck!


    Kim Niles

    Dear Newbie:
    There are many reasons for choosing a Black Belt candidate and you might or might not fit the pre-planned criteria as well as others around you.  Therefore, all you can really do is to communicate your understanding of and interest in becoming a Black Belt.
    However, Six Sigma is about improving the bottom line so if you can state your desire it in similar terms, such as by pointing out a high dollar need in your area of expertise that you would like to use as your Black Belt project, then you may be able to create your own ROI (return on investment / justification for training) and give yourself the advantage over other potential candidates. 
    Good luck either way.



    Hi Newbie,Better like numbers…Better like different personalities….Better like corporate politics…..Better like numbers….Better like getting results…Better like presenting…Better like numbers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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