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    On my last few days I struggled to find an idea of a Green Belt project. I work in WorkForce Managemnt as a Business Analyst. Today I studied the capacity planning process and I was thinking if is a good idea to begin a project on this area. Is there anyone who can help me with an advice? Why am I choosing this process? Because at this step is collected the data needed to calculate the needed hours, to determine the CSR base of the project, the KPI’s. I am sure that the way in which data is collected can be improved.

    Also I was thinking to the planning process because on this step we have some manual work on making the schedule.

    Is there anyone who has some knowledge on workforce management who can help me with some advices?

    Thank you very much. I am discouraged with this project because I have the feeling that I don’t know anything and I have to do the project charter because on 7 January I will begin the Green Belt Training.


    Chris Seider

    Hopefully your training gives good advice but your project charter should have the following (at a minimum):

    1. Project Champion who guides you and is your barrier buster
    2. Process Owner who’s responsible for the process (and can be same as Project Champion)
    3. Team members
    4. A clearly defined (2 sentences or less) problem statement with a goal. Your metric chart should align with the problem statement.



    My name is jyoti
    Working as scheduler now.
    wanna upgrade my skills and knowledge

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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