What does the first i in isixsigma mean?

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    I see definitions of what the six refers to in SixSigma, but I have also seen it written as “iSixSigma”. Does anybody know what that first “i” refers to?



    What an interesting question ! ! ! !     I’d also like to know what that means.   
    As a Mexican born and Spanish speaking raised person I had always thought that ” i ”  was an inverted exclamation point  ”  ¡ ”  which is fundamental in my mother written language and that it was imposing  in the   ” isixsigma ” expression some kind of glamour.  Now my curiosity is greater.   I hope it’ll soon be clarified.
    ¡ ¡  Saludos ! !         Ulises


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    Hello Donna,That’s a very good question. It’s meant to have multiple definitions:The first is to answer the question, “Do you use Six Sigma?” You could answer, “Yes, I Six Sigma.” :)The second answer is that it stands for Internet, the publishing medium of iSixSigma.And the third represents the Information about Six Sigma that can be found on iSixSigma.You should also realize that iSixSigma is the name of the company that owns this portal; Six Sigma is the quality and business methodology that is revolutionizing businesses worldwide. Thanks for asking!Regards,iSixSigma Community

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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