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    Anonymous,  (not trying to be rude, but you are not correctly spelling your ID, but I guess that’s part of your inscrutable anonymity and charm)
    Since I took a shot at answering a question that interested you regarding a facet of operations management – a field that also interests me, after you respond to Darth I’d like to ask you a question.
    With the challenges, opportunities and pressures facing a manufacturing entity as a result of globalization production management systems have changed resulting in additional emphasis on supply chain and distributed manufacturing systems. 
    Interuniversity and industry-based research that I had an opportunity to assist was done to describe a new architecture for the distributed manufacturing system called a networked joint-production system.  This has used a developmental model called the hierarchical multi-view model looking at the networked joint-production system from the myriad of facets of a heteromorphic modeling paradigm – providing customizable platform independence.  
    One of the primary researchers in the field used an XML-based general reconfigurable agent model for infrastructure support, which provided for an agent-based system with a plug-in function repository, controllable XML-based communication and multithread mechanisms.   One of the most positive aspects of this approach was its use as both a general platform for intelligent application and fluid integration with legacy systems.
    He was able to develop several intelligent predictive applications, which supported networked joint-production system decision making which included an intelligent order dispatching mechanism far exceeding the capabilities of current state ERP systems.  This order dispatching mechanism was proven using an order-dispatching problem using two separate mathematical optimization models, a neural network with a heuristic mechanism and a genetic algorithm with an embedded pattern-based evolutionary mechanism. 
    After explaining the what, why and how of this improved production management system what (and it’s pretty logical because this is not intended to be too complex or tricky it’s only intended to spark additional thought and discussion) do you think were the contribution of both of these mathematical models to the study and where did a most invaluable extrapolation occur?   Again, pretty obvious once you think about it a little, but what was the contribution of the heuristics mechanism to the neural network and would it have been expected to impact the genetic algorithm and if so, in which direction and would it have been transitory impact and what would have been the expected impact of problem scale?  What would you expect to be the contributory benefit of this study and would you expect to see any of the algorithm applied in capacity planning and if so how would you believe it differs from capacity planning approaches taken by Rockwell International’s Arena software and from SAP’s capacity planning module?  How would you expect this work to integrate with Six Sigma analytics or with Lean methodologies and would they have applications in Theory of Constraints?  Where would the best application, if any, reside?   
    It’s nice to have another PhD operations researcher from a tier-one research university to chat with.  Where did you do your post-docs?  Who did you work with and on which projects?  I’ll be I know them and can access your work.  This will be fun.   I’ll bet I can triangulate and ID you with very little in the way of hints.      



    Mr. Vinny. You will also discover that another one of the
    primary researchers in the field did not use an XML-
    based general reconfigurable agent model for
    infrastructure support, which by virtue of its mirror
    transfomative, could not have been an agent-based
    system. In direct contrast, a plug-in function repository,
    controllable XML-based communication and multithread
    mechanism could not have possibly lead to a feasible
    solution. On the other side, certain key aspects of this
    approach promoted its use as both a general platform for
    intelligent application and fluid integration, but not with
    legacy systems.



    You don’t really know jack, do you?



    Mr. Vinny, attenuating to to the enlightening disucssion
    offered by Mr. Phil and Mr. Darth. Integerating the use of
    change-operative integer optimization methods will in fact
    lead to a a plug-in function repository, controllable XML-
    based communication and multithread mechanism, but
    only if the inverse contrast feature of SAP and QRC is
    progressively administered during the operative phase of
    XML-based communication. Otherwise, a tangential error
    component could be realized; thereby, off-setting the
    primary coefficients of Ganzel’s equations (for
    determining lag deficiencies). But then again, you just
    might triangulate the antecedents of my post-post-post
    doctoral work at Carnage Mellon, Miami extension site
    (correspondence course).



    Mr. Vinny. Yes, I do know jack, jack in the box, jack be
    nibble, jack be quick. I also know jack lemon, jack
    grapes, and jack of all trades. If you study the
    transmigration of beta error when using an inverse
    integer optimization algorithm (Gomex’s equations), you
    will discover that the amplitude of intermediate effects is a
    direct function of Paupay’s equations. The conjoined
    partial derivites is just reason to believe that any complex
    economic system can collapse when intervening matrices
    of noise are introduced. This can be evidenced by
    adaptive Monte Carlo simulations when testing Zochari’s



    You are a poseur and, as such, not as much fun as I hoped you’d be.    Impress others, I don’t have time for you.    



    But Mr Vinny, I got a quadruple doctorate from Carnage
    Mellon, Fruitville extension (correspondence courses).
    My dissertation topic was “Reciprocal Discussion of
    Meaningless XML Verbage.” How ’bout you. Where did
    you go after Carnage and MIT (Bankock campus)? Do
    you remember Herr Professor Von Einfart. Was’nt he a
    great intellectual. You have really carried on the tradition.
    I am so surprised you don’t remember me in the class. I
    graduated just below you. Seems its was fourth or fifth in
    the class, but even though we did’nt win the top prize, but
    we sure felt fulfilled. This should help you triangulate me.
    But now I am a dilligent student of your powerful lessons
    in innovative operations research practices (and inventive
    language). I can’t wait to be under Mr. Phil’s strong
    intellecual guidance. The mentoring I recieve will not go
    unappreciated. I’ll use my influence a get you certifed as
    a six sigma consultant (grand exhaulted master status).
    Unfortunately, I never progressed as far in my career as
    you did, I am only a three sigma consultant.



    Vinny. I did a google search to triangulate your work.
    Maybe you are on the wrong site? I found the following
    excert about your consulting work. This is way too funny.Ask Dr. Vinny
    Your toughest questions are my greatest pleasureHello there! I’m Dr. Vinifera, or “Vinny” for short. Ask me
    your toughest wine questions, from the technical aspects
    of winemaking to the fine points of etiquette. I hope you
    find my answers educational and even amusing. Want to
    see more of them? Check out my archive.
    April 13, 2005:
    Dear Dr. Vinny, My dad turns 60 in April, and I’d like to buy him a great
    bottle of wine, something red (probably a Cab or a Burg)
    from 1945 (his birth year). Under $200 is my preference.
    Can you recommend something fabulous? —Kate Barnett, Newnan, Ga. Dear Kate, The good news is, the 1945 vintage is considered
    legendary. The bad news is, the 1945 vintage is
    considered legendary. The wines are few and far
    between, and they tend to command some of the highest
    prices at auction. Fabulous 1945 wines include Burgundy’s Domaine de la
    Romanée-Conti, which can fetch up to $20,000 a bottle,
    according to the Wine Spectator auction database.
    Bordeaux’s Château Pétrus and Château Mouton-
    Rothschild, which usually garner $4,000 to $5,000 a
    bottle at auction, are also stellar. There were great
    vintage Ports and Champagnes from 1945 as well. Now, assuming your pocketbook hasn’t already snapped
    shut in horror, be careful when searching for these older
    bottles; you want to make sure you’re getting one that has
    been stored correctly, and with a fill level (also known as
    “ullage”) that is consistent with a wine of its age. Best of
    luck to you, and best wishes to your dad. —Dr. Vinny



    I can certainly believe that you had a quadruple bypass from too many melons.   I do have a great deal of trouble thinking of you completing a dissertation anywhere.    The words misspelled in just this last little rant are as follows:
    I can only conclude that you are neither very well educated nor accomplished.   Be careful with Phil.  He’ll eat you alive.  I’ve only tried being nice to you.   



    I, in turn, went to google to see if there was a trail of wrongly spelled ID “annonymous” and found you.

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    Mr. Vinny. You are absolutely right, I am not very well
    educated. I got past fourth grade, but english and math
    escaped me. My teachers held me back for about a
    decade, but the state of Arkansas said I must move on, so
    I went to federal consultants school and now I’ve got the
    solution. Like all the other consultants, I too implemented
    six sigma at GE. But I am the real deal because I was the
    sub-sub-sub-sub contractor (like the others). I was also
    the first on the block to offer free wine tours and frequent
    flyer miles with my six sigma training program (3 day BB
    program). You are also right about Mr. Phil, he would eat
    me alive. My concerns over his intellectual powers
    makes me want to eat another mellon and pull the wool
    over my eyes, just like a real six sigma forum consultant.



    Mr. Vinny. You found my website at last. I have now
    been triangulated. The crochet is great, huh? I learn the
    art of fabrication from some of the forum consultants.
    Their expert advise is certainly a colorful pattern, don’t
    you think. I don’t really think its such a big jump from
    basket weaving to crochet and then on to six sigma forum
    consulting. Vinny, you are very funny. I figure that you,
    Mr. Darth, and Mr. Phil will want to join me for lunch
    sometime. I can talk about crochet, Phil can eat me alive,
    and Darth can offer the toast.



    Mr. Funny Vinny. Sorry, but mom just called and said I
    have to come home now. Its been great poking fun with
    (and at) you guys. Keep up the good work on this forum,
    the world of novices can benefit greatly from your advice,
    no joking. By the way, you are right, business sucess is
    not everything — a long from from it. It really is all about
    self-fullfillment and personal enrichment. You, Phil, and
    Darth make very fine contributions to the world of six
    sigma — I just want to leave this forum with you knowing
    this. Its been fun jesting with all of you and I do enjoy
    reading your posts.



    A lunch that I would look forward to, the food fight in Animal House would pale by comparison.  Between the flying wit, statistical extrapolations and burgers I’m certain it would set a new standard for elegant collegial dining.  Count me in.



    Wow!! That was one funny thread. In the future I have my work cut out for myself trying to top this one between you the two of you……maybe I should begin by mispelling anonymous for inspiration. 






    I believe that either:
    1.)  Vinny is playing both sides of the thread (Note the similarities: 2 n’s in Vinny and 2 n’s in annonymous).
    2.)  These two were twins separated at birth…  
    In either case they’re both nuts!



    He may not know Jack, but he does know and worship Mikel. And as we all know; Mikel knows Jack and Larry as well as Ed and Joe.
    Reigle, whoops I mean Anonymous (sp?), never really got to play with the big boys, just heard the yarns out on the range while riding posse with the local sheriff.

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