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    Hello All,
    I will not hide behind false names as most do here.  I have always posted, though my posts are rare, as Bill.  My name is Bill McNeese.  I found this discussion group probably about a year ago.  Over this time, I have found some information I could use and I thank the contributors here for that.  And I have responded to some posts if I thought I had something to add.  But lately, most of the posts seem to be striking out at someone or some philsophy.  Perhaps you could exchange your personal e-mail addresses and do that outside of this forum.
    Right now, there is little that is useful for most people who are really looking for help.  I think some of these who need help are from developing countries and are just looking for some ideas.  Of course, you have your students trying to pass a test.  Many though are like myself, just looking for someone’s insights into an issue.  For example, in August I asked this: “Is there a range that lamda can vary over when applying a Box-Cox tranformation?”  And I received some good information.  And again I thank those who responded. 
    Over this time, there are a few names that I tend to read their reponses.  They have earned that right by giving good advice.  For example, Darth typically gives good advice.  QualityColorado has some good ideas.  Great names guys!
    I would very much like this group to go back to the way it was or appeared to be when I first found it – helping people who come in with questions or ideas.  My expertise is SPC.  As much as I think I know about it (and I have co-authored a book on it for Quality Press), I do know that there is still much I can learn from others about SPC and how it relates to the other quality disciplines. And for that, I thank those in this group who have provided that information. 
    Let us be thankful that there are others with knowledge we don’t have.  I have yet to meet someone that I couldn’t learn from.  If we all have that mind set, perhaps this forum will become useful again.
    May each of you have a great holiday season and a great new year!



    I have been visiting this forum for years. There are always helpful people on this forum when a well worded and thoughtful question is posted. When lazy questions are posted, nothing useful results. It’s that simple. You’ve seen the prior because it appears you are very thoughtful. Happy holidays.



    Bill, thanks for the thoughtful mention.  You will notice that I have stayed out of the recent rantings regarding Dr. Harry, name change and the 1.5 shift.  When the debate gets that emotional and insulting it is rarely a debate anymore but a personal tirade.  Unfortunately, they appear now and then and the best strategy is to wait for the emotion to calm down and the thread to disappear.  Or, Webbie shifts into gear and kills the thread.
    Many of us including Stan and Mike Carnell are happy to take questions offline and if we have the time are more than happy to try and help.


    Mike Carnell

    There you are. I thought maybe you had retired to the Caribbean fot he holidays. We are headed for New Orleans.
    It’s a cycle. After today it looks like the stats stuff is cycling up and the emotion is slowing down.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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