What Is an Acceptable Contact Center Error Rate?

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    Dennis Adsit

    I am curious about three things about contact center errors. First, what are some of the big “errors” in your call center sub processes and how do you track the error rate?

    Second, is your error rate on those key sub processes continuously decreasing or has it plateaued?

    Finally, if it has plateaued, has it plateaued at what you consider an acceptable level or are you just out of ideas on how to make it better?

    Looking forward to the exchange.


    Dennis Adsit


    Don Strayer

    I agree with Philip B. Crosby that zero defects is the goal. Otherwise, for instance if you say that your goal is 99%, it’s the same as saying your goal is 1% defects, which is absurd. Statistically we have to accept that zero defects is unachievable but we cannot be satisfied with less. Our goal should be to continually get closer to perfection rather than to stop at what we think is acceptable.

    You are apparently looking for research data to support a premise. Do not expect to find it here. I also encourage you to reconsider your premise.


    Mohd Salleh

    Dear All
    Good Morning

    VOC is good method.
    Create a survey form & find out the answer.

    Just Opinion…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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