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    If an activity is being done the first time (example new analysis of data) it takes longer to complete as there is no established process and the process is being discovered . For example in a new analysis from where to get data, what data is available. While doing so, new things, issues , solutions, right way to represent data is discovered.The process would require rework at times.The first time it’s done, obviously takes longer.
    Once the analysis is complete the process gets documented to ensure next time same analysis is done for reporting purpose, it’s done much faster. If this were to be done again every month, the knowledge is gained and information is documented and hence it will be faster.
    How would we classify the analysis done the first time from VA and NVA perspective as it would have involved rework. Would we still call the analysis was done inefficiently?

    Can we categorise rework as inefficiency ?



    Chris Seider

    As yourself, does the customer pay more for a reworked product?


    Robert Butler

    Your question sounds like a homework problem. I’ll assume it isn’t and offer the following: If you are doing something for the first time and, based on what you know, you believe what you are doing is going to make a difference then, if it does make a difference it is all value added and if it doesn’t make a difference it is still all value added. In the first instance you will have found a way to do something better/cheaper/faster and in the second instance you will have demonstrated to your satisfaction that approaching the issue from that point will not work. Knowing that something will not work is just as valuable as knowing something does work.


    Mike Carnell

    Rtp What you are describing is what is typically referred to as a learning curve. As far as I were concerned it is NVA. The minute you call that VA then nobody does anything to shorten or improve it. It is waste and you need to minimize it. If you refer to it as NVA it may stay on the radar screen of management. This isn’t any different than a new product launch. It can be improved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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