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    What is this amorphous title, “process excellence”?

    If we can define Lean Six Sigma (or Six Sigma) as a breakthrough management methodology with a given (but customizable) framework and toolset, how do you define “process excellence”?

    Is “process excellence” simply just a name for the general “process improvement” profession?

    Thanks for your input.



    Same sxxt different package. Everyone wants to put their own stamp on their deployment.


    Kimmy Burgess

    It creates a framework for continuous process and business performance improvement. Process Excellence sets standards and help us to deliver measurable performance in everything we do.


    Yuvraj Hedaoo

    It is the process of improving business Performance and Impact Bottom line directly through a set of problem solving tools, frameworks and template.

    The purpose of lean is to reduce waste and increase efficiency of the process. Six Sigma serve the purpose of reduction n variation in process. It stabilize the process and further improve. However Both techniques are complementary to each other to improve business process.



    Process Excellence is improving the process which is value adding to the business, by eliminating the black cats. This is more to bring agility and standardization through customised solution both to internal customers and external customers.
    Process excellence is a part of Operational excellence. Although the tools, framework may be simillar.
    In smaller organisation, the process is linked to the Quality management systems and it is controlled. This control may be a single person.
    When it comes to divesified business, the organisation has Enterprise Level Process, which further have sub process. These process needs validation and revision based on the improvements. The process excellence team takes care of alignment, integration and learnings of these process to improve efficiency & effectiviness.


    Fahd lahrech

    Process excellence is simply the one that meets the Shingo prize requirement. Check it out in shingo prize web site.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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