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    Business is a set of processes. Almost everything is a set of processes. From getting up in the morning to making breakfast and driving to work, processes or certain ways of accomplishing tasks are abound. Six Sigma is focused on improving processes — any processes. The process improvement concept of Six Sigma originated in the manufacturing environment, but is now being successfully applied to every business process imaginable: hr, staffing, IT, web site development, sales processes, finance, asset management, etc.



    Can six sigma be exercised in all possible business environments? Please comment.




    Six Sigma talks about identifying customer for a process & meeting thier expectatons. It resolves around customer requirements. It gives you a measurable
    metric by whcih you fine tune process & strive for lesser defects. ( Hers Defect is nothing but “Customer
    Dis-satisfaction ” )

    It helps organisations in reducing cycle time of a process running across fucntions. It helps Organisation in reducing waste, delays in process. But remember, to have a success out of Six Sigma, Top Management of Organisation have to be commited & should have a srong review mechanisum.



    Mr. Dey,

    Six Sigma is a quality improvement methodology that has the following trait:

    1. It is a “breakthrough” strategy
    2. It aims at reducing variation in any business that is made up of processes.
    3. It ties projects to the bottomline. SO it creates value for the shareholders.
    4. It reduces Cost of Poor Quality
    5. Design for Six Sigma allows you to look at your process capabilities and design so as to create Six-sigma quality level products..
    AND SO On….

    The answer to your question is YES!
    Whether the process is transactional, or inventory control, or software engineering, the Six Sigma Thought Process could applied with breakthrough results.

    Hope that helps…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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