What Is the Difference Between the DMAIC and DMADV Methodologies?

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    I was preparing for certification exam in Six Sigma and this question popped out.


    Eric Maass

    Hi Techyanuj,

    Here is an summary that you might find helpful:

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    As said in the short article linked above, DMAIC is to improve an existing process.  DMADV is to design a new process.  And as suggested, you may find that the existing process is inherently defective and you may be better off to switch to DMADV and redesign.  But don’t rush into that.  You need factual data that shows that defective outputs from the process are the result of an inherently defective process, not just from less than optimal operations.  The scope of a DMADV project is obviously much larger than DMAIC.

    There are many methodology and tools differences between DMAIC and DMADV, although there is much in common.  But these aren’t things you need to know to answer this particular question.  Also, DMADV isn’t the only defined methodology for DFSS (Design For Six Sigma).  It’s the most widely accepted.


    Shamshul othman

    Comparatively DMADV to Toshiba-Stanfords DFACE  I got the feeling DMADV lacks market analysis like Pdac, cvca, Voc gathering and analysis. Other tools like qfd1,2,3 then enhance optimizations with rsm, taguchi and excel solver perhaps are similar. My impression is that DMADV is more suitable for small products or components while DFACE is more of design to market set of procedures.



    DMAIC typically defines a business process and how applicable it is; DMADV defines the needs of the customer as they relate to a service or product.

    With regards to measurement, DMAIC measures the current performance of a process while DMADV measures customer specifications and needs.

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