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    Because of the benefits behind using Six Sigma, this question drives me crazy.


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    Robert Butler

    Well then, for heavens sake – as a favor to your mental well being – don’t ask it!  ;-)

    Seriously, I can’t decide if you are just venting, asking for civil ways to counter this question when it is put to you, or something else.



    Haha @rbutler!

    , it depends.

    What does your organizational need to improve? That’s the main purpose of Six Sigma (for your organization).

    It could be:

    • Changing the culture to one of data-based decision making
    • Reducing costs (hard costs, efficiency, reword, waste)
    • Increasing top-line growth
    • Improving on-time delivery of products or services
    • Saving lives
    • Saving the environment
    • Improving regulatory or policy compliance (avoiding penalties)
    • Improving customer service
    • Improving cash flow
    • Decreasing any customer perceptible defects

    How does that work for you?

    Every organization has different pain points…a different focus…an different interest in improving their service for customers.

    So you need to figure out what’s most important for your company. Then do that.



    Thank you


    Mike Carnell

    @Kaled87 I read this a couple days ago and then read @rbutler comment and said that is good enough jest let it go. Unfortunately that is one of those questions that people ask that makes you want to ask them what rock they have been living under.

    Motorola introduced it in 1986 (31 years ago) but nobody really cared much back then. We were the first company to win the Malcolm Baldrige award in 1988 (29 years ago) so then it got some attention. We launched the Allied Signal deployment in 1995 (24 years ago) and General Electric in 1996 (23 years ago). At that point if you are speaking to someone who has zero knowledge of what has been going on in Industry for the last quarter century you are probably wasting time speaking with them.

    Just my opinion.

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