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    Matt M

    I’m trying to develop a list of qualities that our group can apply to the decision of selecting Black Belt & Champion candidates…..does anyone have some good ideas?
    I’m also looking for templates about BB sustainment auditing, BB project selection score cards & tracking of BBs after the project.


    Mike Carnell

    There are a lot of companies with job descriptions. The problem there is that it is subjective from the start – this trait caused this person to be effective therefore everybody like this will be effective (wood floats therefore everything that floats is wood – doesn’t work).
    The best technique I have seen was a thing called a Vector Analysis. It was done by an outside company when we were doing the GenCorp deployment in 96. Some of the GE and Navistar people picked it up as well.
    They used a group of “successful” Master BB’s to create a psychological footprint. Candidates were screened to the footprint (sure sounds like a hypothesis test). The one at Navistar didn’t disqualify the candidates but gave results and some suggestions where their Supervisor might have to provide some support if they wanted them to be successful.
    Max Gordon was at Navistar and I think he arranged it. He can be reached through the website.


    Jim Johnson

    There are several traits that (based on my experience and observation) tend to make a person more likely to succeed in the Black Belt role:
    1.  A good mathematical (or quantitative methods) background.
    2.  The willingness to learn new concepts and the gumption to challenge the status quo in the application of those new concepts.
    3.  A STRONG desire to be a catalyst for positive change in the organization.
    4.  A respected business person or leader at any level in the organization.
    5.  A basis of Systems Thinking when looking at problems and trying to devise solutions.
    6.  The ability to facilitate small groups of individuals from diverse areas of an organization into a single cohesive team for the purpose of accomplishing a clearly stated objective.
    These are a few that come to mind. 

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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