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    Wilma Lessin

    What would be the best chart/diagram and or method to explore the question….Why Won’t This House Sell?



    I don’t see this as a SS type issue.
    A house sale is a discreet – one-time event, at least for any particular house. So location, features, condition, neighborhood, pricing, economic conditions, supply, etc. impact that single event.
    Now, if a particular sales person is underperforming relative to peers you may be able to apply SS to that person’s sales process.


    wayne Lingard

    A house not selling interesting. Think about the root cause, ie how many people have looked at it – which leads to effectiveness of marketing techniques – might be interesting to really look at your marketing strategy in that particular area, and measure its relative effectiveness against other areas, there may be a problem ie using wrong local paper with small customer base etc.



    I just had to share an idea on this creative issue. It very much is a SS opportunity being an MBB with a real estate license long ignored.
    I like the prior post about looking for the x’s that are going wrong. You all know the three most important x’s in real estate. Besides location, the current economy with companies like Toll Bros. seeing cancelation may even override the “Big 3”. Fact-based data driven is definitely worthwhile and a good realtor is usually pretty good at getting the right facts on comparable sales and helping the homeowner with the right economics for the location and local economy.
    A little 5S may also be in order if it is a rental unit, if you know what I mean.
    You can’t do much about the Big 3, but there are other x’s with price and selling talent high on my list. Get the SIPOC and Cause and Effect dusted off and include your realtor and a likely buyer in your study – yes – a likely buyer. Have fun and let me know how it comes out. I have absolutely no experience in trying SS to selling a house, so “Buyer beware.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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