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    Reigle Stewart

    What categorical variables should be used to define a
    “Six Sigma Expert”? For example:1) Degrees.
    2) Training.
    3) Publications.
    4) Citations.
    5) References.
    6) Certifications.
    7) Licenses.What are some other variables that should be
    considered? Within a category, what factors should be
    evaluated?In short, what are the CTQ’s of a Six Sigma Expert? What
    are the CTP’s?



    CTQ metrics relate to critical expectations of the customers of important processes. I always find it useful when asked such questions to back up two steps and find out what the processes are first, and then who the customers of these processes are.
    So – what are the processes you are interested in? The process of becoming an expert (learning, experiencing, thinking), the process of expertizing (demonstrating or dispensing expertise), or perhaps the process of being applauded as an expert (sales and marketing)?
    Also continuous variables are so much better than categorical variables – why not use age, length of time of study in subject, weight of documentation published, amount of money earned as fees for speaking…



    After your odd little guessing game last weekend, it sounds like you have reached what I call the “Guru” phase in your career, where you look down on all the little people and smile, much like an owner smiles at a puppy trying to climb over a street curb.
    Who really cares what a “Six Sigma Expert” is? Most of us are busy with the lesser task of trying to reduce costs and drive our products/processes toward customer expectations.
    The bulk of the Six Sigma skills are really quite simple. The tough job is convincing management to take a chance that this stuff really works. Once they do that, the rest is usually history.



    I suspect as with most of life, what determines any ones expertise is RESULTS!
    Did you get the Company/Division/Plant/Office to get on the Six Sigma Bandwagon?
    Did you pick a “real” project?
    Did you solve the underlying root causes?
    Can you prove this?
    Did it save resources? ( Money, Labor, Machines, Facilities, ect.)
    Can you quantify this, and will it be sustained?
    Did you exceed or meet expectations?
    RESULTS determine success, little else.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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