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    My organization is in its infancy stages of Six Sigma Deployment.    We have sent a group of individuals through Six Sigma training with an outside consulting fiirm.    Their certification process is consistent with industry norms: Completion of 2 successful projects and the passing a written proficiency test.   Up to this point, my understanding of a “completed” project consisted of the Black Belt taking a project clear through the “control” phase.  The “control” phase could last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the expected results and the timeframe needed to sufficently reflect the results can be sustained.   We have received input from a Master Black Belt (recenlty hired into another part of the organization) that he considers a project “closed” at the end of the analysis phase and the Black Belt presents his/her recommendations.   From his perspective this “closed” project is adequate for consideration as a project for Black Belt certification.    I am personally struggling with this concept and am interested in other’s perspective of when a project is considered “complete” for purposes of consideration for Black Belt certification .  Thank you!


    Heebeegeebee BB

    Well here is the “should be” in my opinion (based on my experience):
    1) Verifiable impact to the bottom line (Cost/Quality/Delivery).
    2) Ability to transfer knowledge (gains and lessons learned) across the organization. (Are you a 6S/CI “evangelist”?)
    3) Ability to demonstrate core competancies and tool usage.


    David Oakley

    In the classes that I have taken and all of the places that I have worked, a project is completed after implimentation and the savings have been verified.
    This is a big problem for getting a certificate. You could do a great job on the analysis and management not fund the implimentation and you don’t get the certificate. But, the implimentation is the only way to prove the analysis. There have been very many reports that looked great on paper that fell apart when they went out on the shop floor.
    Would you want to go up in an airplane with a pilot that had gotten his license without having flown a plane?



    Actuall my project just got shot down for certification because the improvements that I made actually required an in-plant part modification.The request was not at the proper engineering step.
    Although they do not teach you all the “red tape” with engineering procedures, my certification was delayed anyways



    We are just wrapping up our first round of projects.  Our projects are complete when we have a signed project contract.  The project contract includes problem statement, goal, financial validations, expected annualized savings, implementation plan, benefits, control and response plan.  This contract has 3 levels of signatures:
    1.  Readiness for project hand off:  verifies that the stated project solution has been validated and appropriate control and response plans are document.  [finance, Quality director, Blackbelt, Project Champion signatures are required]
    2.  Acceptance of project handoffs:  These people accept the stated benefits for the project and accept responsibility for implementation of solutions, implementation of control and response plans, project closure, reporting project Y on montly basis [Business process owner, key stakeholders with action items on the list]
    3.  Deployment Audits:  This person accepts responsibility fo the quarterly audits of the projects control deliverables for a 1 year period after implementation and also accept responsibility for translation projects are identified.
    From my previous experience (former BB from GE) I know that this will ensure that the BB’s are not the ones hanging onto projects.  Our BB’s are responsible for identifying the rootcauses, validating solutions and putting solutions in place to ensure control.  Otherwise your project cycle times will have a ton of variation.  If the projects are selected with the right team then they should be owning the bulk of the action items in order for the projects to close because they have a vested interest in it.

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