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    When we say that Sigma level = 3 Cp *?

    cpk condition which is true?

    We can then conclude that there is only one condition in which this truth and when
    Cpk = Cp-0, 5 out of condition to Sigma Level = 3 * Cp is not true.

    Developing the equation

    Sigma Level = cp*3 (1)

    sigma level= Zbench +1,5 (2)

    Z bench= Cpk*3 (3)

    replacement (3) in (2) we have:

    sigma level= cpk*3 +1,5 (4)

    cpk*3 +1,5= cp*3 (5)

    replacement (4) into (1) we have:

    cpk*3 +1,5= cp*3 (5)

    We have isolated

    Cpk =>Cp – 0.5

    Only on condition of equation (7) we can state that

    Sigma level = 3 * Cp



    What in the heck is the meaning of Zbench?

    And what in the heck is the meaning of the +1.5?

    Do they still try to sell this dogma?


    Answer Stan

    Answer 1 = Zbench = Z lont Term= Z of the table de normal curve ..remember ??

    Answer 2= 1,5 is shift of the process in other words is shift de 1,5 sigma of the process (according motorola whole process is a shift of 1.5 sigma).

    Answer 3= You’re right, there is a docma this case, everybody says that sigma level = 3 * Cp yet there is a unique situation in which this statement is true only when cpk = Cp-0, 5 according to information from previous email .. Grateful for your questions .. let’s stay tuned



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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