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    Hello everyone,I have a very basic question, I’m trying to figure out. I’m sorry if this has been repeated ad nauseum before, but I wasn’t able to track down the info I was looking for using search, so if I am retreading used ground, if you could point me to a link or 2 that would be really helpful.Anyway, fine print aside, here was my question.I was trying to figure out where statistical software like JMP, Minitab, or Statistica fit into the Six Sigma process? Is there a visual diagram available somewhere, where I could see the whole six sigma process?thanks,


    Bob J

    Check this out….  It may help for your second question (assuming DMAIC)….
    As for your first question, the statistical software is primarily supporting the higher end tools (GR&R, Hypothesis Testing, DOE etc) so you see most of the application in the Analyze phase with a smaller number of applications in the other phases…
    Hope this helps…
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    Bob J


    John J. McDonough

    Statistics, and the software that supports it, are simply tools, and used wherever needed.
    Six Sigma is about making data based decisions.  To do that we need to first, have data, and secondly, understand the data.
    The statistical tools help us understand how credible the data is, and how relevant it is.
    Later in the process, after we understand that we 1) know what we want to fix and 2) can recognize we have fixed it, we will try to understand what affects our result.  Those statistical tools can now help use see if our hypotheses have any measurable effect.
    Finally, as we roll out our solutions, those statistical tools help us see that we are keeping the problem fixed.
    Notice that it is the statistical tools, not the software, that matters.  Admittedly many statistical tools are quite burdensome to use manually, but there is nothing magic about the software.
    Pretty much anything the Black Belt needs to do could be done with Excel.  However, tools like JMP and Minitab make it a lot easier.  But even Excel is a giant step over a pencil and paper.
    Another poster suggested that the tools are most heavily used in Analyze.  I’ve seen heavier use in Measure, actually, although the impact is probably greater in Analyze.  However, a lot of organizations have the experience of doing the same project over and over.  For those organizations, the use in Control may be more important.
    Six Sigma is about making data based decisions.  We need to understand that data intimately if we are to have confidence in those decisions.  Once that message infects the organization, many of those same tools will be used to help any decision, even if it isn’t within the context of a “Six Sigma” project.

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