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    Kim Niles

    Dear Six Sigma Enthusiast:
    Where have you seen the big bucks saved and what tools, methods, or environmental conditions do you believe contributed to the savings the most?
    I’m curious to know the importance of Design of Experiments (DOE) in relationship with other aspects of Six Sigma relative to really successful projects (i.e. big buck savings).
    Aspects of Six Sigma that clearly help to some degree might include the following:

    Implementation of Design of Experiments,
    Implementation of other tools,
    The DMAIC approach
    Training differences,
    Team-related differences,
    Project management differences,
    Mentoring differences (i.e. black belts, etc.),
    Use of denominator metrics,
    Improved competition,
    Management support differences,
    Change management / philosophical differences,
    Interaction between DOE and the Six Sigma environment (i.e. the environment facilitates DOE implementation).

    Two high volume automotive production lines were improved. Each saved more than ~$2MM / year. DOE implementation clearly contributed about 90% of the success with ~5% due to management support and ~5% team support.
    One high volume glove dip molding line was improved saving several million per year. DOE implementation contributed about 75% of the success with ~15% due to management support and ~10% due to team support.
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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