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    Greetings All,
    I will try to keep this short. 
    I recently started a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project to improve a problem reporting escalation process.  The process involves three major levels in the escalation process.  The project concentration is the problem we encounter at the last level, there is always trouble (mistrust, wasted time, false alarms, etc) between the second level (field engineers) and third level (product development engineers).  I am actually in the MEASURE phase trying to develop a Data Collection Plan.  I want to concetrate on two forms of data.
    1.  all the calls that reach the second level
    2. the percent of calls that cannot be solved at second level and that are escalated to the third level. 
    The problem is, there is no tracking of the calls that are escalated to the third level. So I dont have a number to start with.  Jus the total calls that come into the second level. 
    My questions are;
    1.  How can I use the data from all second level calls to get the data for the escalated calls?
    2. Is there an element wthin the escalated calls that i should look at?
    Any help provide will be appreciated.



    You need to put a system in place and then measure it. That’s your baseline and you’ll use it as you move forward and implement a solution.



    You might gain further insight by interpreting ‘defintiion’ as ‘definition of requirements’ and ‘measure’ as ‘metrology’ – in the sense of designing metrics. Once you’ve designed good metrics with a high confidence of a correct decision, the next step is to ‘analyse’ sources of variation – what is the current variation, the variance to target, and the justification for the target. Since some targets often correspond to a minimum tolerance limit, they pose challenging questions regarding GR&R and process capability.



    I think the solutionfix for improving the escalation process, is indeed implementing a system of data tracking.  But isnt that “putting the horse before the buggy” type of approach?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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