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    I have a qustion about Taguchi method. I have 5 factors each in 2 level and also 2 interactions. By calulating DF it seems that L8(2*5) OA is required. But comparing with fractional factorial design, it seems that L8 design falls into Resolution III area which should be avoided. I am using minitab and it provides two different set of L8 combinations when following Taguchi method and Facrtional Factorial method.

    The questions is:
    1- Which one I should trust more, Fractional Factorial method suggests L16 and Taguchi method suggests L8 and I have to decide Before proceeding any further.
    2- If using L8 OA, do I need to include two interactions and form a L8(2*7) OA or I can just simply use L8(2*5).



    Robert Butler

    The Taguchi OA’s are just renamed and cosmetically altered standard designs. Given what you are trying to do it would be much easier to take a fractional design of 5 factors in 8 experiments and add a couple of experiments to make sure the interactions of interest are clear of the 5 main factors.

    The principal block for the 5 factor, 8 experiment design is as follows: (1), ad, bc, abcd, abe, bde, ace, cde. This gives you all 5 factors clear of one another but confounded with 2 way interactions which is why you would need to augment this design with a couple of other design points to clear the needed 2 way interactions. Minitab has the capability to run augmentation using D-optimal methods.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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